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Inexpensive domain hosting including free link checking, error log analysis and SmartErrors.
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Our goal is to provide the best value for domain hosting. To accomplish this, we provide the services that most domains need at a low monthly rate. Some places charge as much or more just to host your pages, much less your domain.

Getting a Domain.

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Old prices.

  • High Reliability Domain Hosting - $75 for 1/2 calendar year(Jan-June, July-Dec), FREE setup
    - $135 for full calendar year(Jan-Dec), FREE setup.

  • High Reliability Web Developer Domain Hosting - $240/calendar year
    • Same services, disk space and bandwidth as for the Basic Domain Hosting, but you can have up to 10 website and/or email only domains under one login.
    • Includes one anonymous FTP site.
    • Domain setup fees apply when setting up additional domains at a different time than the original setup.

  • High Reliability Medium Sized Business Domain Hosting - $600/calendar year
    • Same services as for the Basic Domain Hosting, but you can have up to 25 website and email only domains under one login.
    • Includes 2GB disk space and 10GB bandwidth/month.
    • Includes three anonymous FTP site.
    • Includes five SSL sites(not including certificates).
    • Includes MySQL database(s).
    • Domain setup fees apply when setting up additional domains at a different time than the original setup.

  • High Reliability Domain Name Service without Web Hosting - $30/calendar year, $20 setup. (also see our email only domain hosting page.
    • unlimited email forwards - 1 as the default address for your domain.
    • 250MB/month limit on email
    • 1 Free DNS change per year, $30 each afterwards.
    • This can also point to a domain that we host for you. No setup fee in that case.

  • High Reliability Secondary Domain Name Service without Web Hosting
    • You must have a primary domain server.
    • # of domainsYearly/domainSetup/domain
      < 10$10$10
      10 - 49$3.00$3.00
      50 - 149$2.00$2.00
      100 - 150$1.50$1.50
      > 150See belowSee below
      # of domainsYearlySetup
      150 - 199$200$50
      200 - 299$250$75
      300 - 499$300$100
      > 500$400$100
    • We have a script that allows you to add more domains as you need. No intervention by us is necessary.
    • If you have 10 or more domains, we can set up an automated process to add your domains after we get requests(usually from a root server when you register the domain) for your domain. For more than 50 domains, you will have free setup with the use of this automated script.
    • Great for those who are doing hosting and DNS from a single server and would like some added reliability.
    • You can also specify our servers as backup mail servers for your domain. Any mail through our servers will go through our anti-virus and spam filters. Unfortunately, we don't check the validity of the recipient email addresses.

  • Future Plans
    • ??? - Let us know what you would like to see!

  • Additional Services
    • Parking a domain - $15 setup, $15/year
    • Secure server - $20 setup, $40/year ($4/month)
    • Additional ssh, telnet or ftp accounts - $20 setup, $20/year
    • Anonymous FTP capability(allows the public to download and optionally upload at without an account of their own) - $20/year
    • Monthly checking of links, via MOMspider, for non-hosted domains - $40/year, $20 setup
    • Additional disk space - $3/10MB/year, $18/100MB/year, $108/1G/year, $648/10G/year
    • Additional Bandwidth - $1/200MB, $5/2G, $25/20G, $125/200GB
    • Statistics run on web hit log - $20 setup, $40/year
    • Submittal to search engines.
    • Foreign domain registration (or changes) - $30 + expenses
    • Technical consulting - $100/hour
    • Custom Programming of CGI's - $100/hour or by bid, with a good specification.
    • MySQL database server - $20 setup, $20/year
    • Sympa mailing list - $20 setup, $40/year.

Register your domain now!

We price the services by 1/2 calendar year to simplify our regular billing and so that when we decrease prices or increase the services, everyone benefits from them at the same time. Your initial bill will show a prorated amount for the remainder of the current 1/2 calendar year.

All billing is done by email and must be paid by a check or money order.

Multiple domain discounts and referral credits are only valid if your account is in good standing and the invoice is paid within 30 days. If your invoice is not paid within 30 days, your domain may be switched over to inactive and restoring it will require payment of the past due amount with interest and another setup fee.

If you don't believe we are meeting our goals or have suggestions for improvements, please send email to Please provide the URL(s) of a hosting company with better value.


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