Email Only Domain Hosting

One of the best ways to have a permanent email address for you, family and friends. If you would like to have web pages, please see our domain hosting page.


  • 10MB POP3/IMAP account.
  • unlimited email forwards - 1 as the default address for your domain.
  • Web based email available through SimplePOP and SquirrelMail
  • Multiple T3 connections.
  • Hot-spare redundant server.
  • Spam and virus filtering.
  • $30/year, $20 setup.
  • 150MB/month limit on email
  • Additional disk space - $10 per additional 10MB/year
  • Additional Bandwidth - $1 per additional 80MB
  • Additional POP3/IMAP Email account on the system - $20/year($2/month), $5 setup.
  • .com, .net or .org domain registration, $15/year.
  • Foreign domain registration (or changes) - $30 + expenses

To set up your domain, email


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