Disk Quotas

Each domain hosted by Clarke Computer Company is allocated 50MB of disk space. This is the total allowed for all files under their home directory and in their POP accounts. Additional space is available at $1/MB/year in blocks of 10MB.

To enforce these quotas, so one user can't fill up the disk, the linux quota system is used.

A quota is specified for each file system that a user has files on. Since the POP accounts and the home directories are on different file systems, a quota is specified for each of these. Using up your quota for one will not prevent you from writing to the other. This allows you to still receive email if you have placed too many files on your website or to still place files on your web site if someone has sent you too much email.

Quotas are specified for both users and groups. Groups are composed of users sharing a common purpose. Normally these are subaccounts of a master account. If you are the only one with a login for your domain, you will be part of the generic group 'users' and don't need to worry about group quotas. If you are part of a group, you may have not exceeded your quota, but other users in your group may have used up the quota for the group. For this reason, subaccounts are normally given a quota that is smaller than the group's quota.

The quotas are specified as a "soft limit" and a "hard limit". The soft limit will give warnings about exceeding your quota but will allow you to exceed the limit for a grace period(currently 14 days) at which time it will become a hard limit. If you fall below the soft limit the grace period is reset. The hard limit will not allow any more space to be used on that filesystem.

Since you are allowed 50MB per domain, unless you pay for more, the soft limit is set at 50MB and the hard limit is set at 100MB for the home directories. The limits are 10MB and 20MB for the POP accounts. Even though this allows you to go up to 60MB and temporarily up to 120MB, you will be charged for additional disk space if you persist in using more than 50MB.

You can also check your current disk usage.

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