Affiliate Programs (AKA Associate Programs) are a nice way of getting multiple streams of income. If you pick the right programs and advertise them properly, you can build a nice residual income.

Multi-tier affilate programs

Multi-tier affiliate programs are the internet's version of network marketing. Not only do you get paid on your sales, you get paid on the sales of those you signed up. This speeds up the process of the advertisor getting affiliates and rewards those who are good at recruiting associates as well as those who do the sales.

Multi-tier affiliate programs pay the affiliate, the owner of the site that referred a user, a commission and they pay a commission to the person who recruited that affiliate. This usually means they can't afford to pay the affiliate as much. Most legitimate affiliate programs are now only 2-tier.

Single-tier affilate programs

Single-tier affiliate programs only pay the owner of the site that referred a user a commission, they don't pay a commission to the person who recruited the owner of that site. This usually means they can afford to pay the owner of the site a little more.

Websites about Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Courses and Information
Marketing Quickies
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