Free Web Hosting

The are a couple of different ways to receive free web hosting from Clarke Computer. You must either refer others to Clarke Computer or have multiple domains and receive free months of hosting. If you are looking for free hosting without meeting either one of these conditions, you will have to look elsewhere.

Refer Clarke Computer to your friends

Refer Clarke Computer to someone, have them mention you as the one who referred Clarke Computer to them, and when they have paid for 6 months of domain hosting you will be credited with a free month of hosting. In addition, since they will have been referred by a good customer, you, they will receive a free month also.

Use us for multiple domains

If you need multiple domains for yourself or for your customers and you have them all set up under a single account and billed to one person, then you will receive a free month every 6 months for your second (or third, etc.) domain. You will also receive a free month when you set up the second (or third, etc.) domain.

Have multiple domain names point to one site

Do you want multiple domain names (e.g. and for your site? You only have to pay for DNS on the second (third, etc.) domain pointing to one site. You will not have to pay a setup fee for the second domain name either. You also can choose to have the log files combined or separate.

Take Action!

So, go ahead and register another domain and get free web hosting!

Multiple domain discounts and referral credits are only valid if your account is in good standing and the invoice is paid within 30 days. If your invoice is not paid within 30 days, your domain may be switched over to inactive and restoring it will require payment of the past due amount with interest and another setup fee.

Want to review the services you receive with your domain?


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