Smart Errors

OK, you have your links checked regularly and your error log analyzed to help you clean up those bad links, but you want people to get to your pages the first time the bad link is followed, not later after it is fixed. If it is a bad link from someone else's site, it could take weeks to get them to finally fix it

Now we provide Smart Errors. We will catch those File Not Found errors and display an error message followed by a redirect to your home page or somewhere that makes more sense. See for yourself.

As we have been analyzing errors, we have found a couple of types to be more frequent than others. For these types, we take our best shot.
Theses are the errors we handle currently:

As we find more common errors that we can take an intelligent guess on the real file they are looking for, we will update the Smart Errors script accordingly. If you know of any, please send us email. You can even claim it was someone else's error you caught!


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