Unlimited Bandwidth?

Why we don't offer unlimited bandwidth like some other places

Well...the simple answer is: the bandwidth costs us money and we can't afford to give it away for free.

Also see the Overselling page on Wikipedia. Note the part about "If a customer wishes to run a high-traffic, professional, or business website an oversold hosting account can be detrimental." The professional or business website where availability is important is our market. Amateur or vanity pages where the site can be unavailable for large periods of time are not.

If a site is popular, then it is successful and can afford a small bandwidth fee. Why should other sites subsidize them?

Also, even though serving web pages doesn't put much of a load on a server, that popular site is consuming the resources of the server and slow down the other sites on the machine that aren't using much bandwidth at all. Wouldn't you rather be with a company that is receiving enough to buy more hardware and bandwidth when necessary?

Sure, you can have unlimited bandwidth...as much as that 386 hosting 1,000,000 websites can consume...<evil grin>

Also, read your agreement with them. From one cheap domain hosting sign-up page:


Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth (Hits) * 
Virtually Unlimited Storage (Megabytes) * 


* Storage and bandwidth are provided on an as needed basis.

Funny, it doesn't have the "Virtually" on any other pages or the little footnote. What do these mean anyway? As the domain needs? We do that! We just charge if you use more than 99% of the rest of the domains. Or, as they need to limit it to keep their costs down?

Do you have to ask them for more bandwidth and storage? And how long does that take? From the same hosting service, talking about setting up the account.


6.This procedure takes 5 to 7working days depending on how busy Tech
  is on any given day, so please be patient and understand that we
  want you to be pleased with our service and a little extra time now
  will save us all a lot of stress later. 
7.If you need your site online sooner then our normal scheduling permits,
  we do offer RUSH SERVICE for the following additional fees: 
      1.Same Day Site Setup and Domain Name Registration-$50.00 
      2.Next Day Setup and Domain Name Registration-$30.00 
      3.72 Hr. Setup and Domain Name Registration-$20.00

We let you Register your own domain with a simple to fill out form and usually by the time that InterNIC has your domain registered and the information available for it, your account and DNS is already set up.

If you are transferring a domain to us, we can set up a "test" name (domain.clarkecomputer.com) for you to use to make sure your domain is all set up before it is transferred.

Of course, if you want to pay us a "RUSH" fee for this, we will be happy to accept any extra money you wish to pay!

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