Getting Started with your domain hosted by Clarke Computer

Your domain is all set up and now you want to make use of it. Here are some tips to help you make better use of your domain. Most are unique to those domains hosted by Clarke Computer.

Machine names

Your domain has been set up with several names that can be used to access it. While these all currently access the same host, in the future the functionality may be split among servers so it is best to use the appropriate one.

These are:

  • - the generic name
  • - your web site
  • - your POP(incoming) mail server, if you don't have your mail forwarded to your ISP
  • - your FTP server
Your SMTP(outgoing) mail server should be set to your ISP's mail server. This provides a shorter path to the recipient than going through your ISP to the domain server and then on to the recipient.

Directory structure

Your account has been set up in /home/loginname where loginname is the master login for your domain.

Under that is a directory for each domain you have. e.g. /home/loginname/ Your web pages go in the public_html directory under your domain directory. Since /cgi-bin is mapped to the standard script directory, there is a link set up to the standard cgi-bin directory to keep you from creating this directory and being frustrated by not being able to access it.

If you have an anonymous FTP site, that is in the anonymous_ftp directory. If you don't have an anonymous FTP site, that directory doesn't exist.


Your account has been set up with a simplistic password and you should change it as soon as possible. If you have POP accounts or other subaccounts, you can change those by using the master account's password.

Some mail clients will give you an error about your POP account password if you are over quota.

CGI scripts

There are some standard scripts(Web Email Form, Counter, CGIemail 1.4 and FormMail) under /cgi-bin

You can place CGI scripts anywhere in your site, but unless you use a .htaccess file, they must end in .cgi and have the executable bit set for other.

Server Side Includes

All .htm, .html and .shtml pages are automatically processed for server side includes. This is how the standard links on the bottom of each of this domain's pages are included.


Whenever a write is done to disk, it is written to both the current master and backup server's disks so that if the backup server needs to ake over, it does so with the current information. Sometimes there is a reason to retrieve an older file. For this reason a snapshot of the server is taken each day and is placed at /shared/snapshot/nightly/shared/home/LOGINNAME If you accidentally remove or change files, you can retrieve them from the backup server before the next snapshot is taken.

Control Panel

You can access various control functions from the Control Panel for your domain.

Other Resources

Hopefully the rest of your questions are answered on the FAQ or resources pages. Otherwise send us an email!


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