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How do I put my pages on the server?
FTP to either your domain name or ns.clarkecomputer.com and place them in your domain.com/public_html directory. The main page is index.html If you are using FrontPage or Publisher, use the FTP method of publishing.
Where do I put CGI scripts on the server
You can place CGI scripts in any directory under your domain(under the public_html directory). They must end in .cgi and be executable (permissions of 755) in order to be executed. The standard scripts are mapped into your domain at /cgi-bin/, so you cannot use that directory because it will be overridden by the mapping. If you get a server error running the CGI, you can see the error log.
How do I have my mail come from my domain?
You need to change your mail address in your mail program's options/preferences. For Netscape 4.x, it is in Edit->Preferences->Mail&Newgroups->Identity. As far as I know, you can't do this in the AOL mailer, use Netscape or Eudora.
What email addresses can I use at my domain?
You use any email address at your domain. If it doesn't match an address that you have set up for forwarding, it will be sent to the default address for your domain.
What are the settings for my POP account?
If you have your mail stored on our server instead of forwarded to your dial-up account, then in your mail reader's Mail Options/Preferences, incoming mail server is either your domain name(preferably) or ns.clarkecomputer.com with your POP account and password entered in the appropriate locations
What should my outgoing mail server(SMTP) settings be?
The best settings for these are the settings your dial-up ISP gave you for a mail or SMTP server.
How do I see the error log for my domain?
Your full error log is in /www/logs/DOMAIN-error.log where DOMAIN is your domain name. You can see the most recent messages with the URL https://secure.clarkecomputer.com/cgi-bin/domains/error_log.cgi Make sure you enter your domain name and username and password!
How do I hide a directory from search engines
Use either the robots.txt file or a .htaccess file
I've received some spam, what do I do with it?
See our spam page for suggestions.
How do I display the current time on my web page?
See The Apache Server's Introduction to Server Side Includes(SSIs)

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