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ClarkeComputer and SPAM

ClarkeComputer's new server has various means to combat spam. One of these is the use of The Mail Abuse Prevention System. These databases allows us to block email from known open relays and dial-up IPs(they should be sending email through their ISP's mail server). Since spammers LOVE to use open relays to send spam - because it helps hide where the mail originated from, keeps their server from being overloaded by the bounced bad addresses and "amplifies" their ability to send messages(they send an address list plus the message to the open relay and let it send to the hundreds or thousands of addresses in the list), we would prefer to block mail from these places.

If you received an email telling you that you were blackholed, please see The Mail Abuse Prevention System. You need to notify your ISP that they have an open relay and that you want this fixed so you can send email to those blocking open relays. You may want to also set up a free account with someone(Yahoo, HotMail, etc.) so that you can send mail to those places where your mail is blocked. Note that some servers accept mail from an open relay and then discard it without notice. If you haven't received a reply from someone, that may be why!

If you administer a system that is an open relay, learn how to close it. We know it can be done, we've been on the list and fixed our open relay.

See the Anti-Spam page for ways to cut down on and fight spam.

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