Steps you can take to fight spam

Since all domains hosted by Clarke Computer Company have "default" addresses, you can use different email addresses with different companies. This allows you to track whether spam comes an address that you gave a particular company. (e.g. When I enter information at, I use as the email address. Any time that I get mail to this account, it is either from or is spam(as their policy is to not sell these names). Some places have as a condition of use of their service that you agree to their selling your email address. If they don't then you should take action.

Also, if some spammer is sending email to an address in your domain that you don't use, you can have it bounced by forwarding email for that domain to or silently accepted and discarded by forwarding it to

I've done this for because I started getting spam and the abuse folks at 3Com were rude in their reply to the fact that I've only used this email address with them and I was wondering if they had sold the lists or if someone had hacked their servers.

Since you have a virtually unlimited set of email addresses to use, you can rotate email addresses that you use for posting news, use on BBs, domain registration, etc. E.g. For posting news

  1. Choose an email address that you don't normally use for your friends.
  2. Set your newsreader to use it.
  3. After it starts getting spam, start using a different one.
  4. A month later, forward the old one to
  5. Six months later, forward it to our spam handling email address.

Learn how to see the full headers

Forward the spam with the full headers to where is the domain that the email originated with. If you get a bounce from this, forward the bounce to

You can also send the spam with the full headers to:

If you see a relay host being used in the header, you can also send the email to abuse@relayhost where relayhost is the host or domain of the open relay. You can also cc: and if you include a line with

Relay: ##.##.##.##
where ##.##.##.## is the IP address of the relay. See How to submit entries to the RSS for more details

We've also set up an addresses to handle spam. One is for spam sent directly to them (or forwarded through an alias) and the other is for spam that a customer has received and wishes to submit to the proper authorities. The program will figure out whether an open relay was used and submit it to the various databases for you. You will have to get a SpamCop account to use this. Send email asking for details if you want to use this service.

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