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To help combat spam, Clarke Computer Company has installed a program that will allow you to avoid mailto:s on your site and yet still receive user feedback from your web pages.


name (required) (non-edittable by user)
The name within the domain to which the email will be sent.
domain (optional) (non-edittable by user)
The domain to which the email will be sent. If not set, it defaults to the current domain.
subject (optional) (edittable by user)
What the email is about.
message (optional) (edittable by user)
Initial text of the message.
page (optional) (non-edittable by user)
The URL of a link included at the bottom of the form and response. Defaults to the referring page.
page_name (optional) (non-edittable by user)
The name of the link(see page above) at the bottom of the form and response. Defaults to "back".
page_title (optional) (non-edittable by user)
The title of the form and response. Defaults to "Email Form".
If you have a trailer for your site in /, that will be used instead of the standard trailer.


There are several mechanisms to ensure that the script is not misused.
  • The script checks that the page referring to the script is on the same domain as the script.
  • Information about the user's IP address(and associated DNS name if available), original referring page and script usage is included in the email headers.
  • Basic checks are done to insure that both the sender and recipient email addresses are valid(although due to spammers, some servers will validate all email addresses and then bounce the email later).
  • A copy of the email is sent to the user's email address.

Additional Precautions

For the text of the link, you can use @ instead of an @ in your email address. e.g.


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