Why Host with Clarke Computer Company?

OK, so you have a web site. Now you are wondering why you should have it hosted by Clarke Computer Company.

There are several good reasons:

Clarke Computer Company has been in operation for over 18 years (about as long as your tech support person at some companies has been alive!) and has extensive experience with Software Quality. This means that I know that spending the time to build the system right in the first place saves time overall and minimizes downtime. By using Open Source software and having the knowledge and experience to be able to fix bugs, you won't hear the excuse of "We're waiting for a patch." You will have someone who listens to you, asks questions to understand the situation and will either fix the problem or give you enough information to pass on to someone who is responsible for your problem instead of someone who can only help you with the easy problems and either tells you a "canned" solution that doesn't apply in your situation or can't help you isolate the problem.
Log analysis programs allow both Clarke Computer Company and you to catch problems quickly and fix them before they grow.
Control Panel
A control panel for your domain allows you to change your passord, check your mail through the web, control the forwarding of email for your domain, check recent errors for your web and more! This will allow you to be productive instead of spending time in a queue waiting for technical support.
Spam filtering
By using MAPS, we are able to reduce the amount of spam(unsolicited email) our clients receive. While this doesn't filter out all spam, it does decrease both it and the time that you spend on spam. You can also use Brightmail's Anti-Spam Solution to reduce your spam even further.
Web Site Promotion Tools and Tips
Once you have your web site up and running, you want to be able to tell the world about it and track how folks are finding your site. Our list of submittal engines and tips help you spread the word. Then information about visitors to your site is analyzed and mailed to you weekly to help you see your effectiveness.
Optional Secure Server
If you accept sensitive information from your customers like credit cards, we can set you up with either a shared or private secure server.
By building a quality system to minimize problems, extending it when we find ways to save time, working efficiently and keeping costs down, Clarke Computer Company can afford to host domains inexpensively and pass the savings on to you.
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