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  • Use an appropriate TITLE.
  • Use META tags.
  • Have a brief description at the top of your pages.
  • Use descriptive ALT tags.
  • Focus each page. Put disjoint information on different pages.
  • Include your keywords and phrases in your text.
  • Submit your site to the search engines.
  • Have a links page and put links to good related sites on it.
  • Ask for reciprocal links.
  • Ask your domain hoster for a periodic error log analysis or get a new domain hoster.
  • DO NOT have an empty robots.txt file. Excite! and others interpret this as disallow all, instead of allow all like the specification says.

Starting points:


META Tag discussions:



"Did you know that 85% of web traffic originates from search engines? AND did you know that 98.2% of searches do NOT go past the third page of search results? (from the GVU 10th WWW User survey, Oct-Dec 1999)"

After you have your page ready, look at the list of submittal engines

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