Filesystem Changes

To ease development of utilities and monitoring programs, the directories in some of the older domains were rearranged. This only affects those who had a domain hosted by us before September 1999 and only had one domain. After that time, new domains were added in a manner that easily allowed multiple domains under one login. Since this method also works for single domains, it is easier to write programs to handle that one method instead of both the new and the old method.

The changes you'll see, if you are one of the older domains, are:

  1. A new directory has been created in your home directory. This directory has the same name as your domain(e.g.
  2. Unused anonymous_ftp directories were removed in anticipation of the IP address changes/consolidation we did in August.
  3. The public_html directory and, if it existed, anonymous_ftp directory were moved into the domain directory.
  4. To enable existing .htaccess/programs/CGIs/FTP configurations to work without change, links were created in the home directory to these moved directories.
  5. If your domain has extra POP3 accounts, a directory pop_accounts was created under your home directory and a directory for each POP account was created. This allows POP accounts to have configuration files stored here.
Although you don't have to change your old programs, .htaccess,CGIs or FTP configurations, it would be cleaner to do so and then remove the links to public_html and anonymous_ftp in your home directory.

Do NOT remove or rename the domain directory or any of its immediate subdirectories(public_html, anonymous_ftp, secure)!!!


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