IP Address Changes

Spurred by programs like the Code Red Worm and other attacks that use an IP based method of attacking servers and questions from customers about what all these strange requests are in their error and referral log analyses, we have consolidated all domains that don't have an anonymous FTP site onto one IP address using virtual web servers.


In January 1997, the HTTP/1.1 standard was created in response to the shortage of IP addresses due to the explosion in web sites. This standard allowed multiple (virtual) web sites to only require one IP address and thus reduced the need for IP addresses. This did not address the same problem with FTP sites though.

Although some companies started making use of the virtual web sites as soon as possible, Clarke Computer Company decided to defer this. This decision was based on several factors:

  • This doesn't work for anonymous FTP sites. Each site requires its own IP address. At that time Clarke Computer had set up anonymous FTP sites by default for each domain hosted by us.
  • There were plenty of "legacy" browsers or robots that didn't support the new standard, but still used the older HTTP/1.0 standard.
  • It took time for web servers to have support for virtual web sites and even longer for it to be easy to configure.
  • Clarke Computer had a large enough allotment of IP addresses that it wasn't yet a problem. In fact, some were returned for others to use.


  • Anonymous FTP sites are only set up if a customer requests one. Unused anonymous FTP sites were removed.
  • There are very few "legacy" browsers or robots still in use.
  • It is easy to configure the web server for virtual web sites.
  • Growth has almost used up the allotment of IP addresses.
  • A growth in worms and other attacks that don't care about the domain name, they just connect to an IP address. This leads to confusion for clients who are sure why someone is looking for that strange page.

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