The Code Red Worm

Although the Code Red Worm cannot infect Clarke Computer's servers, this information is included to allay concerns and to help others who have been infected.

The Code Red Worm's only effect on Clarke Computer's server will be that you will see some(lots?) requests for x.ida and default.ida in the error and referrer logs. It is a worm for Microsoft servers(though it affects some Cisco products).

If it causes so much traffic that the network is overloaded, you won't be able to get to the server(or much of anything else either!).

If your DSL router is a Cisco and isn't patched, then you will probably lose connectivity also. The following is supposed to fix it:

    set web disable
    set web remote
    set web port 8000
You can also upgrade the firmware.

If you are infected, what you need to do depends on which strain you have. For Code Red I, reboot the machine to get rid of the worm, apply the patch from Microsoft and reboot again. For II, you will need to reverse the changes shown in the Note from CERT

You can get more information about it at:

If you wish to have your network scanned for vulnerabilities so you can fix them before they are exploited, please check out our SAINT page
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