SAINT - Network Security Scanning

Because SAINT is no longer open source, we no longer use SAINT, we now use nagios.

How safe is your network?

If you are concerned about your network's security and wish to insure that you are notified when new vulnerabilities are discovered or someone inadvertently opens up a vulnerability on one of your machines, then you should have us scan your network automatically each month and send you a report on its vulnerability.

What we use to scan your network is SAINT, a great open source program maintained by the folks at World Wide Digital Security, Inc.

As new vulnerabilities are found, a check is produced and added to SAINT. Also, as better ways of implementing the checks are found, the code is revised. Clarke Computer Company has contributed in the past and plans on continuing to contribute to SAINT.

While you can certainly download SAINT and run it yourself, if you have a UN*X machine, you would have to either subscribe to WWDSI's SAINTexpress service or keep your copy current yourself. Another option is to use WWDSI's WebSAINT service. By using Clarke Computer Company's services, you save money and have the scan run automatically for you without you having to maintain your own version of SAINT.

Our prices are:

  • $100/year - single machine
  • $300/year - class C network(containing up to 254 machines)
  • Negotiable - larger networks
NOTE: Consulting to fix the vulnerabilities discovered are not included in the above prices.

Contact us at to set up scans for your network.

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