Checklist to Create Web Pages

This is the start of a list of the information that is useful for you, or a web developer, to create your web pages. It cannot be comprehensive because each project is different, but it will help you get going. Please feel free to make suggestions. This page will be updated as forgotten items are remembered or suggested!
  • An email address.
  • A phone number.
  • The information you wish placed on the system. If a specific look is desired, a hardcopy example will help convey it.
    • Text - Preferably in an electronic form. Most modern programs allow saving as HTML or can save in some format that can be converted to HTML. It is also possible to scan in documents, but this process is more prone to errors.
    • Graphics - GIF or JPEG format is preferable. It is also possible to convert other formats to GIF or JPEG. Pictures and logos can be scanned in, but may need some work to appear nice.
    • Fill out Forms
      • How you want the forms to look.
      • What fields need to be filled in and what type of error message you want displayed if they are not filled in correctly.
      • Any other data verification you wish to take place.
      • What action to take once the form is filled in correctly. If the information on the form should be mailed to a specific address, the address and an example email message should be provided.
      • What response you want given to the customer for a correctly filled in form.
    • Links between pages - What words/images on which of the pages you want to act as hyperlinks to where on which other pages.
  • What system you wish to place the information on and a list of capabilities.
  • Where the information should be placed on the system. This will be negotiated with the web hoster.
  • What categories the business should be listed under and 2 or 3 sentences describing the business. This is used to submit your pages to search engines and directories to increase the exposure of the business. The web page designer will use some techniques to help search engines know what catagories are appropriate for your pages.

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