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UPDATE: Looks like it worked! Not that we expected any different. :-)

Clarke Computer Company's Y2K program involves:

  • Evaluation of vendors to determine Y2K compliance.
  • System tests to identify date-sensitive functionality, and
  • Contingency plan.


The vendor concern is our power and upstream provider. Both have taken steps to ensure compliance. We are satisfied with their published Y2K statements. We also run on a UPS to add additional assurance of uninterrupted power though a prolonged power outage will affect us. Our systems will shutdown properly when the UPS's battery is low and then resume when power resumes.

System tests

We have duplicated our server and tested it with the date advancing through December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 and have not encountered any problems. Not all domains were tested on this system, but we believe that the testing covered all system areas. CGI's developed by customers or third parties and used by customers may not be compliant. Other equipment and software used by customers of Clarke Computer may not be Y2K compliant and may adversely affect their ability to use our service. Clarke Computer does not make any claim or warranty as to the Y2K compliance of customer equipment used to connect to Clarke Computer. Please contact the manufacturers for information on their Y2K programs.

Contingency Plan

We will monitor the system for failure from midnight til 1am GMT, midnight til 1am MST and then periodically thoughout New Year's Day.


Trace the route from your machine to our server and print it out for your reference in case of problems.

We recommend that you shut down all non-critical systems December 31st, 1999 and not reboot them until January 2nd, 2000. When booting watch the screen very carefully to notice any differences than normal. These may be due to Y2K bugs or viruses(you do have virus protection software, don't you?).

We also advice you to not use the Internet on January 1st unless you need to. Avoid the possible problems. They will be noticed by someone and hopefully fixed by the time that you need to accomplish something.

As we anticipate that there will be systems with Y2K problems, please try to trace and positively identify that the problem is with our server before calling us. It doesn't do any good for you to call us when the problem is with your dial-up provider.


This statement of compliance does not represent a warranty of any kind and is provided solely for your information in evaluating our readiness.

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