We recommend using SSH instead of telnet!
Telnet will be disabled soon.

Telneting into clarkecomputer.com

Due to a newly found vulnerability in the telnet daemon, the daemon was initially disabled and then reenabled for select machines. If you are not one of the select machines that can telnet into the server, you will get a message "Try /cgi-bin/domains/set_telnet_machine.cgi".

To be able to telnet into the server, you must first do what the message says! You can access the CGI through either your domain or through Clarke Computer

Each username on the server may specify one machine. If you have a static IP address, you will only have to do this once. If you have a dynamic IP address, you will need to do this each time your IP address changes. When you set the machine a second time, it will remove the entry for the original machine. If you only want to remove your entry, check the Delete box.

Because most folks don't know the IP address of their machine, the CGI will give you its best guess based on the information it receives from your browser. Unless you are using different proxy servers for http: and telnet, this is probably the correct address. If you do have to change the CGI's guess, please let me know the details from test.cgi and how you determined the correct address.

For additional security, each time that someone connects from an allowed machine, a log message will be generated including the name and IP address used to allow access. If an administrator is online at the time, this message will also appear on their terminal. Since a log message is also generated upon either a successful or failed login, it is obvious if someone is using an enabled machine to try and crack the server.

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