DNS Information for Clarke Computer Company

If you are registering or transferring your domain yourself and are having Clarke Computer Company or FortNet host it, you will need the following information:
Primary DNS Server: ha1.clarkecomputer.com
Primary DNS Address:
Secondary DNS Server: ha2.clarkecomputer.com
Secondary DNS Address:
Secondary DNS Server: linden.fortnet.org
Secondary DNS Address:

Technical Contact Information:
Network Solutions Contact Handle: CC3077 or
Name: Charles Clarke
Email: whois@clarkecomputer.com
Organization: Clarke Computer Company, LLC
Address: 1401 Lindenwood Drive
City, State ZIP: Fort Collins, CO 80524-2231
Phone: 970-482-6785

Web http://www.clarkecomputer.com

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Please send any questions or comments to: clarke@clarkecomputer.com
Phone: (970) 482-6785.
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