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Barnes and Noble Book Store - Locations near FREMONT, CA 94538

Here are the closest stores(max 5) within 50 miles. Please call to confirm hours.

Distance Location Hours Phone
13 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Hacienda Crossings
4972 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA  94568

9-11 Every Day

14.05 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Stevens Creek Blvd
3600 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA  95117

9-10 Every Day

14.93 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Redwood City
Sequoia Station
1091 El Camino Real
Redwood City, CA  94063

Sun 10-8 Mon-Sat 10-9

16.22 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Westgate Mall
1600 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA  95129

Sun 10-7,
Mon-Sat 10-9

16.33 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Eastridge Mall
Eastridge Shopping Center
2200 Eastridge Loop Space 1420
San Jose, CA  95122

Sun 11-7,
Mon-Sat 10-9


This page was last updated on 3/18/2011.

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