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Barnes and Noble Book Store - Locations near COLUMBIA, SC 29201

Other cities/names associated with zip code 29201: MARKET CENTER, SC : OLYMPIA, SC : STATE HOSPITAL, SC

Here are the closest stores(max 5) within 50 miles. Please call to confirm hours.

Distance Location Hours Phone
2.67 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Midtown at Forest Acres
Richland Fashion Mall
3400 Forest Drive
Columbia, SC  29204

Sun 11-8,
Mon-Thu 10-9,
Fri & Sat 10-10

9.02 milesBarnes & Noble Booksellers
Harbison Dr.
Harbison Court
278-A Harbison Blvd.
Columbia, SC  29212

Sun 10-9,
Mon-Thu 9-10,
Fri & Sat 9-11


This page was last updated on 11/12/2009.

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